Is Essential To My Freedom

by Siege of Nöteborg (1702)

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The name of the album:
Is essential to my freedom

The Artist name:
Siege of Nöteborg (1702)

Song names are:
1- Here's what to do if you really want to end up in prison.
2- I was five years old.
3- If you would like to contact me, please do so throught my blog.
4- And invariably the high-calibre individuals under the spotlight shrug
5- But the gloves came off later that afternoon when one of us went into the
6-"Don't tell me we're about to haggle over one bull now."

To get those song names I searched give me some album name on google books and got the book My Best Friends Are White: Subversive Thoughts from an..

How I made those songs:

There are many different songs that were created following in a similar way that I used to create those songs but my songs here, are made on a different way.
Each song of my album was made on a little different way from each other.

To create the first song I:
1-Recorded the audio from computer (not mic) while the computer was (suposedly) not playing sounds
2-Recorded again while it was playing the last recording.
3-Recorded again while it was playing the all the last recordings.
4-Continue to record new recordings while playing ALL other recordings
4.1-I did it until I the result of the last recording was a clipped audio.
5-Exported all those recording (merged) as one song.

To create the second song I:
1-I did again everything I did on the first song but removed the clipped sound before exporting them to a song.

To create the third song I:
1-This is like song 1 but the only recording that is playing when I am recording something is the last recording and not all previous recordings.
2-I stopped when some recording clipped.
3-Exported only the last clipped recording.

To create the fourth song I:
1-This is like the third song, but instead of saving only the last clipped sound, i saved the previous recording (last non clipped one).

To create the fifth song I:
1-Created some sound
2-Recorded the pc while it was playing
3-Recorded again while the original sound and last recording was playing.
4-Continue to record again,each time recording only the pc, the original sound and last recording.
5-Continued until last sound was a clipped one.
6-Exported the last recording and original sound merged togheter.

To create song six:
1-created some sound
2-did everything I did on song 5 but exported original song and last non clipped sound.


released January 26, 2014



all rights reserved


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